Fibromyalgia Testimonials

The following testimonials have been taken from patients who have been treated by “FCA” (Fibromyalgia Centers of America) doctors from all over the United States. See our directory to find a doctor near you.

I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia approximately 25 years ago, and told there was nothing much they could do except treat the pain. Fibromyalgia wasn’t really recognized by the AMA. So basically I ignored it and put up with it and never talked about it. About ten years later I was diagnosed with fibro again by another doctor and given pain medication and that doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressants. I said no, years later, once again I was diagnosed for the third time, with fibro by another doctor but this time there was hope. Dr. Whitcomb had found the treatment and Dr. Jones was using the same protocol. I started going to Dr. Jones three times a week and gradually worked down to twice a week. In the past I would wake up feeling like I was run over by a truck and would be so tired all day. I think I didn’t even realize when it happened, but one day-I was waking up not feeling like a truck ran over me! The treatment was really working. If you are not hurting all the time, you have so much more energy and feel more mentally alert. You just feel like you can tackle all your day to day activities with so much more energy and not be so drained at the end of the day. I really believe the treatment Dr. Jones of FCA is providing for fibromyalgia is helping as I have noticed in excess of 70% improvement in my symptoms.

Jeanette Wall

I can’t remember when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After years of searching for relief of muscle pain and fatigue, I was convinced there was no solution. Fibromyalgia sapped me of my energy and altered my lifestyle. I lived with constant pain. I felt there was no relief. I started treatments with Dr. Randall Goodwin of FCA. The treatments have been helpful and I have regained some energy and lost some of the muscle soreness.

Mabel Walter

My left side would have a shooting pain everyday from my neck to my arm. That was my physical frustration. My mental frustration began in 2004 when I went to my medical physician, who referred me to a neurologist, who referred me to an arthritis doctor, all of which could not help. I have had 4 MRI’s, MRA nuclear stress test, stress test, and electro therapy. I have taken vicodin, percoset, elavil, lycria, daypro, morphine, ultram, voltaren, iodine, flexeril, etodolac, levofloxacin, valtrex, zanaflex and neurotin. I have had over 50 x-rays taken and several nerve tests. My life has not been real normal in the past 5-6 years, due to the physical and mental frustrations. My range of daily pain on a scale is between 7-10. Some days it is a struggle to even get out of bed. After about 4 months now, I am down to a 3-4 daily pain. The REAL pain is gone. Dr. Jackson with FCA was able to identify the real problem with my condition.

John P.

For over 15 years I have suffered from constant pain all over my body. I felt like I was being stabbed with pins all the time. The pain got so bad, I couldn’t function. I have been to many doctors and chiropractors. I also have had manyests, from blood tests to MRI’s, cat scans and x-rays. I have severe migraines and depression. I was also told I had fibromyalgia. The doctors put me on all kinds of medications, and told me to live with it. I starting going to Dr Belmont with FCA now the stabbing pain is almost gone. I feel better than I have in years. The treatments are working. The staff is very friendly and they take the time to really talk to me.

Brenda Gardner

The headaches and fibromyalgia were the major robbers of joy in my life. It kept me from enjoying some of the best things in life and almost took away my drum major’s baton my senior year of high school. Since working with Dr. Jackson and FCA, my headaches have decreased to almost none. My fibromyalgia pains are less frequent and less severe.

Tiffany H

Dr. DeRosa-Belmont has helped me so much. My fibromyalgia is so much better than when I first came to her. Now I can move my left arm and do my exercises with very little or no pain at all. I would highly recommend Dr. De Rosa-Belmont with FCA to anyone with fibromyalgia. They have helped me.

Patty Hanson

I began to have extreme pains in my arms, shoulders, neck and upper back. Medical doctors did 5 surgeries on my left arm and one on my right. I did not get better. The pains still existed, got worse and spread to my whole body. I went undiagnosed for six years despite my constant attempts to get a medical doctor to figure out what was wrong. They all said I was “crazy”. I lost my job and became very depressed and suicidal. I was home bound and continuing to spiral downward for 3½ years. I was referred to FCA Dr. Sooley, now my health is back. I have lost 25-30 pounds I can now exercise and function normally. I could barely walk at times. I could not be more happy or thankful that I met these great people. They saved my life.

Todd Sively

I am in a lot of pain at times with having fibromyalgia. After coming and seeing Dr. Sooley I have lots of better days. Heartburn, numbness and painful neck are some of the things you can have and he knows right where the adjustment is needed. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Sooley.

Connie Dunn

Ten years ago, I started suffering from chronic fatique, “joint pain” and loss of muscle strength. There have been times when I couldn’t even open my front door. With exception of a little fatique now and then. All of my fibromyalgia symptoms are almost gone.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago. I saw FCA Dr. Scranton’s ad in the QC times for chiropractic care for this condition. For years I have suffered with chronic headaches and all over body pain. Some days I could hardly walk because the pain and the headaches were unbearable. I was unable to continue at a previous job. Daily chores like going up and down stairs, doing laundry, vacuuming, making the bed and other chores were difficult. Even walking a short distance was difficult. My headaches have almost disappeared. The leg pain has lessened. I am able to walk longer distances than I could before.

Patti Hans

Before I met Dr. Scranton of FCA, I was experiencing muscle pain, joint pain , and fatigue due to fibromyalgia. Activities that I had enjoyed in the past such as gardening, sewing, playing with my grandchildren, and cycling were difficult. Of course the not so enjoyable daily tasks of cleaning, cooking etc. were also not easy.

Patti Cook

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s phenomenon. I was prescribled a sleep aide and a low dose anti-depressant. Because I workout so hard, I chalked up the joint pain to overexertion. Doctors said the weight gain was caused by continous interrupted sleep. I was waking up at least 6 times each night. After seeing Dr. Scranton my energy level began to improve to the point that I was no longer a grouchy and exhausted mother and wife.

Deena Fitch

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a 94 year old patient with a fractured odontoid who was told that she had fibromyalgia and was given lyrica and gabapentin and was just getting weaker and weaker and more and more dizzy by the day. She had a very hard time getting up and down out of a chair due to her leg pain and couldn’t raise her arms to even button her shirt. I had treated her for 3 months with good results with the knees and shoulders and all other symptoms when she was 3x a week, but as I tried to back her down to 2x/week, etc, I was discouraged as her symptoms began to reappear. I had discussed the side effects of those meds with her, but she wasn’t willing to stop taking them to see if they were actually making her worse. In the past month, however, she was admitted to the hospital for her dizziness and falls, and I talked to her again about the medications and the side effects. She took herself off of both these medications and is back to her lively spunky self that she had become when she was coming 3x a week after 2 weeks without those meds! Just a reminder that there are 3 causes to subluxations; thoughts, trauma, and toxins and hellips;we have to be persistent in removing all 3 or else we’re forgetting a vital piece of the puzzle.

I also wanted to share the story of another lady with fibro that has had great results. She started with us in May VERY RELUCTANTLY! She really struggled with whether or not to try one more thing only to be disappointed and upset if it didn’t work. She was the fibro patient that EVERY other fibro patient that I had talked about being the one in the worst shape of all. They all talked to her for many months before this to no avail, and I spoke to the Rotary where her husband is active in March of this year after we had just joined FCA. I was thrilled when I finally saw her name on the book. She had been diagnosed with fibro 12 years ago and had been to Vanderbilt, IU, and Barnes Hospitals to get help but was continuing to worsen in the past 8 years despite the many tests and other “help” from the MD’s and of course the medications! So far after a month of care, she is breathing better, is having less IBS trouble, is having decreased pain, and is sleeping better! Her hope has been restored, and her attitude has totally changed! She has stopped taking Cymbalta , and we’re working on the rest of her meds; She had “tried chiropractic” before; another chiropractor in town saw her a couple of times and told her that there was nothing he could do to help her.

Thank you FCA for giving me the confidence and support that I needed to care for these patients. They are truly a blessing in my practice and they light a whole new kind of fire for chiropractic and passion for practice in me on a daily basis. Now I no longer dread seeing a fibro patient walk through the doors; I rejoice, and we pray for more and more to experience real healing through chiropractic in our office and in all of yours. For anyone thinking of joining FCA, I say “Go for it!” Not only will it take your practice to a whole new level, but there are patients suffering, desperate, and hopeless for the kind of help that you can give if only you are willing to “stick your foot in the water.” You Go-Getters will hopefully remember this from Dr. Hultgren’s talk at the 2007 Disney meeting. Again, I really only wanted to thank you at FCA for a job well done so for and for your continued tireless effort that you put forth on the member’s behalf. We at the Kennard Clinic appreciate you very much. Thanks again and I hope this lights your fire like it did mine!

Dr. Tara Kennard