Drug Information on Fibromyalgia

At Fibromyalgia Centers of America it is our goal that we start first with understanding. We are intent on understanding our patients needs so that we can help them overcome their condition.

It is very necessary that our patients also have a clear understanding of what treatments they might be using and how those treatments affect their body. In fact, many patients don’t know how reactive the medications are and how many side effects they can produce. Also, as you read through the list of side effects, please note that the side effects mimic the symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Do they help with pain? Of course, but at what cost? A patient that is using these medications may have trouble healing because the very medications prescribed to treat FMS actually are keeping them sick. Usually the medications are just masking the pain while the condition continues to get worse.

We encourage you to study these list of side effects so you can decide if you want real health.